De-Clutter Your Way to a Successful Closing

De-clutter is probably the most important advice I can give you. WOW buyers who get into your home. They are excited and expectant about what they will see. Having viewed the listing and photos, they now want to experience your home.

Ideally, they should witness organized, clean spaces with no personal photos or icons. Family photos say: “this home belongs to them; it can never belong to me.” Buyers experience the same reaction to curtains: a personal distraction to being the new owners.

No seller intends this message. A first hurdle sellers must overcome is becoming no longer attached emotionally. They are moving forward, packing up for their new home. Most people moving have been both buyers and sellers, so the obvious is the obvious!

Another aspect of de-cluttering is to get a head start on the seller’s moving to-do list.  First on the list is clearing spaces that bespeak “messy” and boxing up for a clear visual of the architecture that is on the market.

Pet sleeping pads and dishes, too many electronics, or crowded furniture need to be relegated to storage or to one side of the garage. All buyers understand there may be moving boxes or furniture in the garage.

Other seller tips will follow . . . . . . . . . but, if you have a question concerning any phase of selling your home, please call or email me. I guarantee a quick response and NO obligation. You have my pledge: I love sharing my expertise and consider it my responsibility to do what I can to further great real estate practices in the Central Texas area!   512-970-26

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