Car Sharing in Austin, TX

What does Austin, TX, one of the most innovative cities in the U.S., do when there’s a need? We innovate, that’s what!Car Sharing Austin TX

The car-sharing concept catching the city by fire is one borne of both innovation and practicality. In a nutshell, car sharing allows you to use cars on an as-needed basis, and it’s perfect for high-density corridors like downtown Austin. Whether you’re attending a meeting or have a doctor’s appointment across town, this valuable service is perfect for anyone looking to bypass the hassle of maintaining a vehicle, along with the daily driving and parking fiasco in our growing city.

How does car sharing work?
The companies most involved in Austin’s car sharing service are car2go and ZipCar. Let’s take a look at what each one offers:

With car2go, a low one-time membership fee provides access to any of its fleet, easily distinguishable with their blue and white paint scheme. You can reserve in advance or make a spontaneous getaway from dozens of downtown Austin locations. Press and hold your member card to the card reader at the windshield, do a once-over, and you’re ready to roll. You’re only billed for the minutes you actually use the car. When you’re finished, simply park the car anywhere in the car2go operating area. Interested in learning more? Click here to read on about car2go’s services.

Austin became Zipcar’s eighteenth major metropolitan market. Gas and insurance are included, and subscribers are free to choose from a variety of vehicles in the company’s fleet (think hybrids, hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and pickup trucks, to name a few). Simply select and reserve your ride from Zipcar’s mobile app or website, pick it up in its designated parking spot and return it to that spot at the end of your trip. Rentals are hourly or per diem. Click here to read more about Zipcar’s services.

As Austin continues to grow and the downtown lifestyle flourishes, this on-demand car sharing concept for high-density areas is a simple, affordable and efficient way to bridge the geographic gap between various connection points around the city. Have questions? Give me a call — I’m always here for you.

Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash.


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