7 Tips for Do-it-Yourself Home Staging

When selling, there are two things you should focus on: preparation and presentation. If you put these two terms together, you should prepare your home by increasing its presentation – AKA its appearance. To accomplish this, do a little pre-market home staging. While hiring a professional can be costly, there are some things you can do yourself to make your home appeal to potential buyers. Here’s a look at seven tips for do-it-yourself home staging:

home staging

Incorporate Mirrors
Appealing and elegant, a mirrors reflective quality can open up a room. This unique design feature can make a room brighter and, if it is tiny, appear larger. Consider incorporating mirrors in your foyer, living room, dining room and anywhere else you think it will fit.

Replace Window Treatments
Throw away old and heavy drapes and replace them with something modern and light. When shopping, look for floor-length curtains and hang them from the ceiling instead of the top of the window frame.

Buy Crisp, White Towels
When you visit a luxury hotel, what color towels do they have? Typically, high-end hotels purchase white towels for a spa-like appearance. Simply buy white towels to duplicate this look in your bathrooms. Not only is white clean, but it is also fresh and light.

Upgrade Rugs
Buying the right size rug is the key to a cohesive and appealing room. For a living room, avoid a rug that is too small – i.e., make sure the front legs of your couch and chairs touch the rug. Also, make sure the colors and pattern are in line with your design style.

When you’re living in the home, it is okay to have personal touches throughout. However, when it comes time to sell, these personal items should be removed. Go through and remove any photographs and random clutter so a potential buyer can picture themselves and their belongings in the home.

Reorganize Bookcases
Too many books and decorative accents can make a bookcase feel cluttered. In fact, according to the professionals, you should remove 25 percent of your books entirely. Once you have removed some of the books and clutter, rearrange the books so some are vertical and others are stacked horizontally. From there, take the decorative accents (bowls, picture frames, etc.) and scatter them where they fit best!

Deep Clean
Nothing is more unappealing to a potential buyer than a dirty home. Before your home hits the market, be sure to deep clean the entire property. Do this a couple of weeks ahead of time to ensure the cleaning product smells have time to dissipate.

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