Curb Appeal Projects That Will Help Sell Your Home

Selling your home isn’t an easy process. It takes a lot of time and preparation. While everyone knows to clean and declutter the interior, they often forget the front and backyard. Neglecting these areas can be detrimental to the sale of your home. With that in mind, complete these curb appeal projects to help your home sell faster and likely for top-dollar value:

curb appeal

Clean and clear clutter
Just like the interior, the exterior of your home needs to be clean and organized. Remove toys, bikes and trash cans from the front yard and power wash the sidewalks and driveway. Consider renting a storage unit to store items while your home is on the market. Nothing is tackier than a garage or closet stuffed full of items.

Landscape and add color
Cut back trees and shrubs to ensure your home is completely visible. Then, do a little landscaping: trim and prune your plants, incorporate seasonal flowers, add fresh mulch to your flower beds and cut your lawn. A well-kept, landscaped yard is appealing and welcoming.

Set up an outdoor living space
Outdoor living is highly sought-after when looking for a home. Impress potential buyers by cleaning and staging your patios, porches and decks.

Add accessories
Create a welcoming entrance by incorporating a front door mat and wreath. Seasonal is always the way to go! Also, if your home numbers are rusting or hard to see, consider replacing with some new metal numbers. Be sure to add them in a location that is easily visible from the road.

Add a fresh coat of paint to the front door or, if you have it, to the home’s siding. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference paint can make to the overall appeal.

Do you have any questions about any of these curb appeal tips? Are you considering selling your home in the greater Austin area? Give me a call to learn how my comprehensive seller services can get your home sold!

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