Display Artwork in Your Home in These Creative Ways

Artwork can create a depth to your home that plainly painted walls cannot. It is also an easier approach to home decor that just requires a little creativity. Below are unique ways to display artwork in your home:

Use floating shelves on your wall to display a collection of art framed in the matting (versus an actual frame). Have fun choosing different sizes and different arrangements and simply lean the photos against the wall on the shelves.

Kid’s Play
Take your children’s (or nieces, nephews, etc.) art pieces, frame them and add a little fun to the wall. A cute drawing or school project in a beautiful frame can bring out the colorful/playful side of any room.

Gallery Style
Using all white frames of differing sizes, choose a variety of artwork and collect them into one area of a wall. The consistent color will pull the pieces together while still showing off unique art pieces.

Statement Piece
A large and colorful piece of artwork can really anchor a space. If you have a  piece of art you absolutely love, feature it in a prominent spot such as the entryway, living room or dining room.

Lining up multiple photos over the top of your bedroom headboard can create an eye-catching display. Do ensure the colors complement the others within the room.

Bookshelf Portraits
Framed pictures can add a personal touch to your bookshelves and built-ins. Sprinkle them in with the vases and books to create interest.

Over the Mantle
While the spot over the fireplace mantle is usually meant as the location for a TV, it doesn’t have to be. Jazz up this prime space with a bold and colorful work of art.

Display your favorite art in one of these ways to add color and personality to your home.

Do you have any questions about how to position artwork in your home? Contact me today. I would be happy to provide guidance.

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