Refresh Your Home This Spring With These 5 Tips

Is it just me or does spring bring about a season of new beginnings? With its warming temperatures and blooming wildflowers, it seems like spring is the season for a fresh start. How can you incorporate this feeling in your home? Update your home’s design. From swapping out the heavy linens to adding pops of color, here are five tips to refresh your home this spring:

refresh your home

Fresh Seasonal Flowers
Flowers aren’t just for special occasions. In fact, flowers and plants in the home can instantly improve your mood. Not to mention, it’s a super-easy way to bring spring inside quickly. Stick to seasonal flowers like tulips, hydrangeas and peonies for a traditional spring look.

Spring Scents
The addition of candles and diffusers with scents of the season can instantly revitalize your home. Fresh and clean scents, as well as floral scents, are perfect for the spring season: citrus, peony, gardenia and lavender.

Let the Light Flood In
Open up the curtains and blinds or that sliding glass door and let the natural light and fresh air flow inside. After all, enjoying the outdoors is what spring is all about.

Lighter Bedding
A heavy down comforter may be a bit too warm for the spring and summer seasons. With that in mind, go ahead and store that heavy winter bedding and switch to something a little lighter.

Seasonal Curb Appeal
Don’t overlook the front of the house. Some freshly-planted flowers on the front porch along with a new wreath and doormat is inviting to guests and can add a significant boost to your home’s curb appeal. While you’re at it also add some plants and spring touches to the entryway.

These tips will refresh your home for the spring season in no time.

Are you thinking about selling this spring? If so, I can help you take these tips one step further and stage your home to sell. Contact me today for more information.

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