Updating Your Curb Appeal

Updating Your Curb Appeal

End of summer is approaching. Whether you are looking to update the curb appeal to your home because you are looking to sell soon or you’ve just decided that the exterior needs a little sprucing up, here are some tips that will go a long way in increasing the ROI on your property. 

Start with landscaping. This seems simple enough but outside of mowing the lawn, there’s a little more that can be done in the way of updating your curb appeal. Trim and weed the sidewalk areas and along the curb as well. Update the flowerbeds with a pop of color and new mulch. Be sure to also trim the trees where needed.

Update the house number. It may seem like a minuscule task but it can go a long way in updating your curb appeal. Freshly painted house numbers can help your property stick out or affix a set of modern house numbers to the exterior that you can purchase from the home improvement store.

Powerwash the sidewalks. Freshen up the sidewalks, bricks, or siding with a little power washing and you may be surprised how much it helps. Wash away years of build-up and get that new, fresh look back.

Update the mailbox. If you have a mailbox on your property, especially if it’s at the street, consider replacing it with an updated version. The goal is to create a welcoming environment for potential buyers (if you’re updating so you can sell). The mailbox may seem like such a small update but can go a long way in updating your curb appeal too. 

Hang new blinds. Part of what can be seen from the road includes updated window treatments. Having a nice lawn won’t matter if the “eyes of the house” look dated and worn. There’s no need to go all out with renovations but hanging new blinds can make a big difference.

Now that you have a plan to get started in updating your curb appeal, take before and after pictures. If you’re looking to sell, those may come in handy. Even if you aren’t, seeking the visual completion of your project will make you feel great. If you need assistance listing your property for sale, give me a call, I can also help with more ideas on how to update your curb appeal. 

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