De-cluttering Your Home in Time for the Holidays

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De-cluttering Your Home in Time for the Holidays

There are a few holidays between now and the end of year that family and friends are going to be coming to visit. Is your home ready?

With these simple and easy tips to organizing your home, you’ll be ready to throw out the old and get ready for the new. Start by creating a list of the areas you’d like to tackle. This will help you stay on track.  

The most common areas in need of organization are the attic, closets, living room, bedrooms, and bathroom. If you have a home office, that is probably the first room you should start with. 

Here are the steps to de-clutter all of those spaces: 

Create a Sorting System 

Use boxes or storage bins, labeled with keep, toss, or store, to organize what you do and don’t want to get rid of. Piles work too, but bins will make it easier to dispose of the items you aren’t going to keep. Just load the bin in your car and you’re ready to go!    

Throw Out (or Donate) What You No Longer Use

Keeping items in the home that you never use is one sure fire way to see more clutter than you’d like to. A good rule of thumb, throw away anything you haven’t used in more than 6 months. Clothes, dishes, and toys are the biggest culprit to clutter. 

Clear Out Clothing You No Longer Wear

According to Budget Dumpster, we only wear 20% of the clothes we own 80% of the time. Your goal is to rid yourself of that 80% you never wear. Donate them to local organizations like Salvation Army or Goodwill. You’ll feel less guilty than if you just threw them in the trash.

Clear Off Flat Surfaces

Whether it’s counter space in the kitchen, bathrooms, or perhaps shelves in the pantry, clearing off those flat spaces can help de-clutter. Use small bins for items that you prefer to leave out and store the rest in drawers or under cabinets. 

Store Seasonal Items You Only Need Once a Year

Use plastic storage containers to store holiday decorations, kids toys, and even bedding you only pull out for guests. This will clear up storage space in your rooms. Be sure to label the bin so you know what is in it.

Become Paperless if You Can

Paper is the #1 clutter in most households. Whether it’s junk mail, bills, old magazines, or receipts, get rid of it. Scan important documents, create an organized filing system, and use online calendars as a way to de-clutter all the paper you don’t need lying around. 

For more home organization tips, give me a call. With my expert staging capabilities, I can help you get rid of the clutter.

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